Sheeting machine BS420

Sheeting machine BS420

With the sheet cutting machine BS 420 can be a printed or unprinted material web longitudinally and transversely cut into sheets from a roll.

Operation: unwinding unit (Large roll unwinding)

The unwinding tension is controlled with a pneumatic unwind brake. A rotary feeder transports the material into a loop. For the media roll is a pneumatic lifting device.

Cutting unit

A vacuum-inlet brake ensures the desired web tension before the longitudinal and transverse cutting. For longitudinal cutting or longitudinal perforation is a Quetschmesservorrichtung with transverse adjustment and pneumatic lifting device available. For the accurate register rail transport is an electronically controlled feed with servo motor is responsible. Operation of the unit is via a touch panel. The individual benefits are scaled with a conveyor belt.

For inquiries regarding new or replacement parts:

Spare part list- wearparts

Spare part list- 3d tool (.exe from Windows 7)