Electronics repairs

We repair your industrial electronics.

Electronics repairs for industry:

  • Your electronics no longer work?
  • No documents available?
  • No more support from the manufacturer?

  • The manufacturer wants to replace the entire control system?

We often hear this from our customers. In the vast majority of cases, we can still offer assistance. Often it is only individual components such as electrolytic capacitors that make a control or a device unusable.

Call us and come by or send us the defective electronic boards!

What have we fixed already?

We have repaired hundreds of electronic boards or complete devices. Here are some examples:

  • Baumüller servo controllers
  • Micro Innovation GS0/1/2 touch panels
  • DC drive controllers from various manufacturers
  • Power supplies from industrial PCs
  • PLC controllers from various manufacturers (IO cards and CPU modules)


What can be repaired?

  • Basically, many things can be repaired. Our experience shows: The older the better. In addition, it is an advantage if all possible documentation and information about the functioning of the circuit board or component is included.
  • We mainly repair electronic components for industry, not for private households

What can you not repair?

  • Modern handsets/tablets etc: Due to the high integration density, only component replacement can be done here. We cannot do that. Here you are better off with your mobile phone repair shop.
  • Consumer electronics / toys: In principle, we can repair this. However, the repair quickly costs more than a new item. Perhaps you can find a repair café near you at repair-cafe.ch? They usually do it at cost price.
  • Car electronics. Please contact the corresponding brand representatives.
  • Bicycle and pedelec batteries. Please contact your bicycle dealer.

Is a repair worth it?

  • That's up to you to decide. Basically, there are the following reasons for a repair
    • A replacement board/replacement product from the manufacturer is no longer available.
    • The delivery of a replacement product from the manufacturer takes too long.
    • The circuit board costs more than CHF 1000.

What does a repair cost?

  • The detailed rates for a repair can be found below in the PDF.
  • A cost estimate/fault analysis costs a flat rate of CHF 200. This includes the 1st hour of work. The cheapest repair would therefore be CHF 200.- plus CHF 50.- flat rate for small materials and shipping if necessary.

Is the repaired unit safe?

  • We test all pluggable devices according to SNR 462638 / VDE0701-0702.
  • The basic functional safety is not changed by a repair.

Do I have a guarantee on the repair?

  • No. It is possible that the unit will fail again the following day due to another defective component. Of course, we cannot accept any liability for this. However, experience has shown that repaired units will run for years.


Below you will find our tariff list for electronics repairs.

Titel Typ Größe
Motronic_Reparaturtarife_Elektronik_2024_CHF_EN.pdf application/pdf 99.53KB

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