We breathe life into your control system.

Drive technology - our core competence

Actually we are all-rounders. However, our experience in programming rotary drive technology makes us unique. After a good 20 years of experience, we have developed a modular system for the development of rotary machines. This includes e.g.

  • Winder applications (dancer, torque or web tension controlled)

  • Web transport
  • Fully rotative and semi-rotative die-cutting applications
  • Screen printing units
  • Label dispenser

If desired, we can create the complete press control system, including HMI and documentation.

Of course, we also programme controls outside of drive technology. e.g.

  • Painting booths

  • Cheese dairy controls
  • Customised small controls

Strong partner:

We use TwinCAT 3 from Beckhoff as our main development platform. Why Beckhoff?

  • Beckhoff is a family-owned company and relies heavily on R&D. This means that Beckhoff is always an inventor and pioneer for new technologies, such as XPlanar.
  • With EtherCAT, Beckhoff uses the fastest and most powerful fieldbus on the market
  • The I/O system from Beckhoff is extremely comprehensive
  • The entire control platform is open for all types of third-party buses
  • Beckhoff support is free of charge and exemplary


In addition, we use the following products:

  • Control Techniques Frequency Inverters and Servocontrollers
  • Touch panel of the XV series from Eaton with Galileo 10

We can also provide support for the following products:

  • Eaton visualisations and PLCs (CoDeSys and Galileo)
  • Mitsubishi (SPS)
  • Triomotion (Servocontroller)
  • Panasonic (SPS)
  • Allan Bradley (SPS)

Simulation and testing

We use the following tools, among others, to test functionality as realistically as possible before commissioning the machine:

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