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We repair your machines on site.

Your machine no longer runs?

Troubleshooting at industrial customers' premises is part of our daily routine. We repair faults on machines of all kinds. Give us a call and we'll come by!

Which errors can be corrected?

Every error can be repaired. It is merely a question of effort. It is helpful that the error occurs and is reproducible when we are on site. Otherwise, troubleshooting is more like reading coffee grounds. But we have some practice in that, too.

What are the error categories?

In our experience, there are the following categories:

  • Failure of mechanical or electrical wear parts (e.g. valves, contactor or relay contacts)
  • Wear of electronic components (e.g. electrolytic capacitors on a circuit board), see Electronics repair.
  • Defects as a result of external events (overvoltage, mechanical impact)
  • Inaccurate mechanics (recognisable by means of exact measurements)
  • Operating errors by staff

How are the errors found?

The following measures help to isolate the error:

  • Questioning the staff about the usual and faulty behaviour of the machine
  • Observing the behaviour of the machine and reproducing the error
  • Measuring electrical signals and levels using a multimeter and pocket oscilloscope


Here is a little look into our toolbox

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