Sheet cutter


Sheet cutter BS420

With the BS 420 sheet cutting machine, a printed or unprinted material web can be cut lengthwise and crosswise into sheets from the reel.

Operation: Unwind unit (large unwind)

The unwinding tension is controlled with a pneum. Unwind brake. A rotary feed transports the material into a loop. A pneumatic lifting device is available for the material roll.

Sheet cutting unit

A vacuum infeed brake ensures the desired web tension before slitting and cross cutting. For slitting or longitudinal perforation, a pinch-knife device with cross adjustment and pneumatic lift-off device is available. An electronically controlled feed with servo motor is responsible for register-accurate web transport. The unit is operated via a touch display. The single-ups are shingled with a conveyor belt.

We offer new units, spare parts and retrofits for existing BS420.

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Info flyer and mass

Titel Grösse
BS420_Flyer_de_V130.pdf 2,23MB
BS420_Metric_V100.pdf 96,86kB

Spare parts list sheet cutter - cutting unit 148

Titel Grösse
0010-Abwickeleinheit.pdf 116,17kB
0011-Abwickeleinheit-148-ZB.pdf 282,28kB
0012-Andrueckeinheit.pdf 114,14kB
0013-Umlenkeinheit.pdf 85,88kB
0014-Tisch.pdf 90,74kB
2895-Wickelspindel-d76.pdf 110,25kB
2903-Anpresswalze.pdf 93,99kB
2906-Vorschubwalze-d79.pdf 102,77kB

Spare parts list sheet cutter - cutting unit 149

Titel Grösse
0001-Rollenhalter-links.pdf 101,76kB
0002-Rollenhalter-rechts.pdf 98,65kB
0003-Schneideinheit.pdf 166,63kB
0004-Obermesser-kompl.pdf 120,34kB
0005-Bogenschneider-ZB.pdf 350,3kB
0006-Schneideinheit-Antrieb.pdf 129,48kB
0007-Rollenfuehrung.pdf 133,78kB
0008-Messerhalter.pdf 106,79kB
0009-Umlenkeinheit.pdf 87,62kB
1535-Anpressrolle-kompl.pdf 110,55kB
2739-Brille-kompl.pdf 102,74kB
2920-Vacuumbremse.pdf 109,49kB
3382-Vorschubwalze.pdf 105,64kB

Spare parts list as 3D model (.exe from Windows 7)

Titel Grösse 9,15MB

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